Open to everyone ages 7 to 15 years old

Starting January 22, 2019

QB football training

Fully Comprehensive QB Development Solutions for optimized results. Upper and Lower body Mechanics. Confidence Under Pressure. Stronger Arm Power. Consistent Accuracy. Dynamic Decision Making. Elite Movement Strategies. We develop the whole athlete body, mind and spirit. Being a QB, you need to be Physically and Mentally tough so we do set downs and chalk talks.

Running Back football training

We provide you with the tools to be a complete running back and maximize your potential. The curriculum is a total training package that covers all facets of the game. We deliver results and the results deliver self-confidence. Whether you are just beginning to play or an elite athlete looking for finish details in your advanced game, players can expect precise teaching and improved running back skills.Understanding Alignment and Stance for competitive advantage. Footwork for balance and burst. Run game strategies and mastering techniques for both zone and gap schemes. Movements strategies for optimized Power Cuts, Jump Cut and Burst. Ball Security and YAC (yards after contact). Catching the ball out of the backfield. Pass Protection Technique for both Zone and Man Blocking Schemes. Learning to FINISH runs – Maximize each carry!

Offensive Line / Defensive Line football training

This is designed to improve a player's beginning, intermediate, or advanced skill level. Fundamentals of Offensive Line and Defensive Line positions are taught, in addition, to life skills, such as respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, and the importance of education. Participants are grouped based on age and skill level. With each practice you will receive in-depth instruction, lectures, and demonstrations from an experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff. Participants are grouped by age, position, ability, and experience to allow coaches to progressively teach basic and advanced techniques to best benefit each group. To allow players to be matched up properly in each age group, we make sure each grouping is made up of the correct number of players. This encourages each participant to be challenged and provide them with a better learning environment.

Wide Receiver football training

With today’s explosive offensive systems and passing games, elite receiver play has become paramount in football. Receiver football training sessions and camps prepare athletes in all aspects of receiver play. Receiver training curriculum is based on the E4 system; Exit, Explode, Extend and Engage. It is a total package and one of the premiere positions on the offense. Whether an entry level or elite athlete, players can expect precise teaching and improved receiver skills. Receiver training and camps include work on all of the following: Stance and Starts. Footwork for precise route running. Ball Skills and catching drills to more consistently make pressure catches. Understanding the DNA of Routes and how to run more precise routes. Ball security and YAC (yards after catch). Man and off coverage releases. Understanding space and stemming Inside and outside leverage to create separation from defenders. Blocking. Defensive coverage recognition and live routes with quarterbacks.

Linebacker football training

Linebacker coaches prepare each Prospect with proper skills and techniques used for todays defensives schemes. Speed, power, agility and reaction for Linebacker. Linebacker coaches will teach each Prospect proper acceleration techniques to increase top end speed and multi directional speed.

Defensive backs football training

Defensive back coaches prepare each Prospect technique: Stance Adjustment. Development of Sound Footwork. Backpedal Efficiency. Breaking on the Ball. Zone Coverage Technique. Man Coverage Technique. Press Coverage Technique. Pursuit Angles. Catching the Ball. 1on1's. Video Analysis. Interactive Read Training. Classroom Work.